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Now with the first leg of his quest over, the second book, Demon Raider The Deathstalker, starts out with Dark finally finding himself in the Dwarven City of Duergar, an instrument of revenge, seeking redress for wrongs done to him and his family as he begins to set his plan for vengeance in motion. Aided by the powerful artifact, the Eye of Dagda, he enters the city under the guise of Giacomo, the Jester and sets out to destroy the Halflings’ Guild and its leader Sneak Longfoot, the Grand Master of the evil Guild.

Dark, using all his skill as an assassin and his powerful arsenal of magical items, causes murder and mayhem throughout the fortified City of the Dwarves. One by one the leaders of the Guilds along with their followers will pay for the injustice carried out upon his parents. Then and only then will Dark have peace in the knowledge that his parents have been avenged and all those responsible have paid with their very lives.

Darkness will fall upon the Kingdom of Duergar and one lone assassin will rise up against the sinister forces who have gone, as of yet, unpunished. On his quest for vengeance, Dark must face his first of many terrifying tasks that poses as much risk to himself as it does to his targets. Any doubts he may have he will bury with the dead as he puts into play a plan that will see him hunt down his numerous adversaries and in the end his shadow sword will drip with the blood of his enemies.

Only there is one slight problem with his plan. For starters the Drow, a dark skinned sub-race of the Elves has entered into his one man war, and bringing with them their hated and sworn enemy the Witch Slayer’s of Eldred to resume their age old conflict. With the aid of the Dark Elves and the Lycans, Kalifen begins conspiring to establish a New World Order under the control of the Illuminati, and the one true god, the Shadow Lord